another monday ramble

It’s Monday and I thought a good time to just ramble about things here at the homestead. I seem to have a thing for Monday rambles.

My friend Vicki flew back to Florida last Tues. We had a relaxing and enjoyable couple of weeks while she was here. I received my Reiki Master attunement and have a lot of good memories to hold me until we see one another again. The Friday after she arrived we went to a Halloween haunted forest put on by the local fire dept. What fun taking a hay ride to the woods and walking in the dark woods, not knowing who or what might spring forth to scare you.! I had not done that since my kids were teenagers still at home! We sure had a lot of laughs that night and some healthy exercise, too! The weather was great while Vicki was here and she got to experience the height of the Ohio autumn as she’d hoped, including a walk in the woods and a bonfire. I guess we even sent her home with a little bit of an education in making healthier food choices as well as some new recipes. We did some bead swapping, gift giving and receiving and shared lots and lots of laughter. Needless to say, like the sign in my kitchen reads, it’s all good.

Fall is here in a big way. The view into the woods is fairly clear now with just a few trees holding on to their leaves. I imagine within the next few days, many of those remaining will disappear. We have spotted several large bucks nearby and imagine we’ll be seeing more deer now that the trees have grown bare. Coop (bless his heart) has managed to get the garden space cleared. Summer items and patio furniture are gradually being put away for the winter to come. I’ve gathered enough zinnia seeds to share with family and neighbors for planting next Spring.

This month proves to be a busy one with birthdays and holidays approaching. I have a freezer full of plenty from Summers garden and will certainly be putting it to good use soon, baking loaves of zucchini bread and simmering pots of chili and stuffed peppers throughout the winter months. I have been devoted to crocheting gifts for family and friends, as well as becoming inspired and crafting some new and unique jewelry items. I really must get some of these things uploaded and listed on Etsy !!! Seems I am a plethora of inspiration, projects and plans most, if not all the time. I can really seem to drive myself crazy! It seems there are too few hours in the day and I find myself scattered at times, torn between so many plans and ideas that I seem unable to stay focused on just one thing at a time. I can take multi tasking to whole new level I think! Meanwhile, the dishes and dust do tend to lay in wait until I can give proper attention to them. Such is life!

I noticed the other day how much healthier our dog Shadow appears to be. His fur is so black and shiny now and he looks so much sleeker and fit. He is still shy of men, but has turned out to be quite playful with me at times. He’s learned some tricks and now he volunteers a paw shake, awaiting the goodies. He’s also become a fairly good watch dog. He is a sweetie to be sure. He greets me at the car whenever we come home from someplace and I have taken to carrying dog treats in the car, so he gets a snack when he greets me. To say he has become a tad bit spoiled is putting it mildly. It is a shame that such a lovely, well behaved, gentle spirit had been neglected for so long. But he is now apparently happy and comfortable and that is very rewarding for me, also. I just love the guy and am thankful for his presence here.

Well, I am off to go about the day and act as if it Monday despite it not feeling like a Monday to me…if that makes sense. As I said, the dust and dishes lay in wait. Coop has gone to town to renew his license plates, stop at the hardware and check on the prospect of an “over the winter” part time job. Coop will be 65 in 6 days and now that Medicare part B is kicking in this month, that will reduce our income by nearly $100. Doesn’t sound like much, but when every penny counts, it makes a big difference, especially with the cost of winter heating. But, I have faith that we’ll manage because we always have. I can stretch a dollar as far as it can go and I continue supplementing our income with sales of my handmade goods. Speaking of which, I just fulfilled a request for some of my massage oil from my daughter’s acupuncture therapist. Her clients love it! And, although she cannot legally offer my aromatherapy products to her clients, she can refer them to me for their purchasing needs. Like I’ve said, it’s all good!

Ok, I really am outa here…for now. 🙂


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